Must-read pregnancy book written by a midwife

Read a pregnancy book written by a midwife who has given birth to three babies and delivered thousands more.

Using real pregnancy and childbirth stories, midwife Vicki gives down-to-earth advice that has withstood over 35 years in the delivery suite.

Pregnancy book Hatch and Dispatch – tales and advice from a midwife is a must read pregnancy book for mums-to-be. It is sensible, humorous, and leaves women feeling more confident about the journey ahead.

The book follows Vicki’s motto:

“It’s your pregnancy, do what you need to do to get through it.”

Learn about

  • What happens during labour
  • Options for pain relief
  • Common pregnancy complaints
  • How to write a realistic birth plan
  • What to expect at the hospital
  • What makes a good support person
  • Dos and Don’ts for partners
  • What the midwives will teach you once baby is born
  • A preview of history’s worst pregnancy and parenting advice
  • Read the introduction and first chapter.


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What makes a good support person during pregnancy?

So your waters what?